Back to the usual weekly ? the PM of the UK? We saw him more when the UK leader aired his one man show of bullshit!

📽️: Its a concern that this Gov is taking a cavalier approach to lockdown measures, ignoring warnings from health experts. This is compounded by Mr Cummings reckless approach to the rules. Playing fast and loose in this way can put the public health at risk

Lockdown? That ended when decided he'd had enough of it.

Is fired yet? Why do we also have a racist, homophobic ,Prime Minster? Who refers to black people as piccaninnies , water melon smiles and bum boys?

It's obvious where Boris is - he's running.... Oh you thought I was about to say running the country - no, course not! Boris hates his day job. is doing that. Boris is running in the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

Chris Whitty & Patrick Vallance refused to do press conference after statement in No 10 rose garden And no this is not about Brexit - the UK has left the EU legally. Its about hypocrisy, honesty & trust

✍️: The Cab Sec's reluctance to get involved in the on-going debacle is not satisfactory, I have asked him to reconsider. Mr Cummings made various breaches of lockdown rules and questions remain over the codes of conduct to which special advisers are bound.

Spot the difference: In 2016, 52% of the electorate fell for and 's LIES. In 2020, 81% of the people have seen through their LIES. Don't just fire ! Fire too!

A brief reminder that 's wife can drive. So why, when her husband allegedly couldn't see properly, didn't she drive? And why don't the MSM make more of this FACT?

If you're having a go at Rosie Duffield for breaking lockdown rules, but not criticising , you really are a shitty, hypocritical person.

Tax dodger . Surely he can get jailed for evading his just like us who cannot afford to pay, do.

Apparently the retired teacher who shopped broke the lockdown rules by driving 250 miles to pick up his daughter You couldnt make it up

If anyone has any evidence to back up these claims, Please get in contact via DM's.

It is wonderfully joyous that have devoted 20 of its 30 minutes to the ridiculous excuse that went to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight. I feel proud to be British (at last...)

Maybe some people are 'staying home' and 'social distancing' in the manner of

So attended at least 6 of 34 SAGe meetings btw late Jan & early May. Ben Warner (AI expert who worked on Tory election & Leave Campaigns) attended 13. His brother, Marc Warner, also attended meetings. He won the £250m NHSX app contract.

Just received my response from James Grundy, MP for Leigh. It’s even more spineless than I imagined; I shouldn’t be disappointed but I am. It’s now clear that we don’t have an MP who will stand up for us, we have a minion of Cummings.

[Thread] 1/ In the UK aggressive online attacks on the press and journalists continue following the scandal. The "scum media" hashtag seems to be escalating. This thread is an analysis of around 28000 interactions/tweets on Twitter from around 9013 accounts.

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