Statement of French Ambassador to India Thank you Question is have we remembered our own soldiers from WW 1? We should not forget who have put on the uniform.

Photo showing French soldiers carrying heads of algerians after they decapitated them during French colonization to Algeria so who is the terrorist now?

Algeria gained independence from in 1962. The military overthrew Algeria's first president in 1965, marking the beginning of authoritarian military-backed rule. Happy independence, !

🧭 Antibes Visits You! 🇫🇷 Historic is picture-post-card pretty with its multi-million-dollar mega yachts and a beautiful maze-like Old Town Read why I love Antibes 👉 📍 📍🇫🇷

It's time for 😈 to face its past and debate crimes against humanity. ☠

Hello friends! a little play with Inko, we wish you a very nice day & a good weekend 🐾💙

The official bird's-eye view of the Exposition Universelle of 1867, in Paris,

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