Health Minister Spahn: 40% of ICU beds in currently unoccupied bc of early preparations.

From : Anyone comparing calling the police bc of parties in the neighbourhood to 1930s Germany: It is the *intent* with which you alert the authorities that makes the difference between a police state and a policed state (there for the protection of all).

If you snitch on your neighbours for breaking so called rules you are a police state fiend. That's what did Some people will get such a taste for it they will do it longer after is under control

can start repaying Europe for damage it caused due to ’s reckless actions regarding migration. If 🇩🇪 govt has capacity to repatriate 200,000 of its own citizens, Grand Coalition can repatriate same number of back to countries of origin.

It's now critical than ever to support Afghans in need of food, clean water & shelter. has just allocated 2️⃣ m Euros to . Since 2015, 🇩🇪 has contributed approx 1️⃣3️⃣ m Euros to @OCHAAfghanistan&AHF. We feel obliged to continue also in the future.

Good morning from where Target2 claims of the Bundesbank on course to €1tn again amid the corona crisis. Jumped in March by a whopping €113.6bn, biggest gain on record, to €935.1bn mainly driven by Italy, whose Target2 liabilities jumped by a record €107bn to 491.6bn

No.642 : Bogie KVA Ferry Van 33 70 2795 344-2 built by Linke Hoffmann Busch, Germany 1988. Out of use and stored at Long Marston 6/9/09. Looks like its in a field! 🤓

When Abba Kyari went to to negotiate deal for power sector according to them, we all saw the update vividly. Now the same news told us that Abba Kyari is in , Buhari in Abuja, but we haven’t seen anything to justify this claim? Why are this people lying this high?

Belgian troops on guard at a Rhine River bridgehead in the Ruhr District where the Germans are now fighting the communists in the neutral zone, Ruhr, 🇩🇪.

Somewhere in Germany bags of foods are hanged out for the poor needy and hungry. No public display, no video, no grammar, no drama, no cameras as we do here.. Just only pure love and goodwill.

Good morning from , where banks threatened w/major credit losses not only from domestic mkt. In Italy alone, €88.2bn in loans are at stake for German banks. This is less than one third of French exposure & may explain why the French so vehemently in favour of Eurobonds.

Germany gone now .Germans will hear this 5 times a day every day.Even on weekends and long weekends.

A historical drama, skillfully staged: The Sony Channel has secured the rights to the historical ITV series On April 13, from 8:15 p.m., the period drama, distributed worldwide by BBC Studios, celebrates its German premiere on the channel for European series

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