Updated title. "Official Audio" of "Be With You (feat. Vanessa Van Vleck)" on YouTube. Check it out if you haven't heard it yet! You can use the linktree link in my bio to find it!

Took a lot longer than I thought but I finally finished my first music video.

Midsommar ☮️👁🖕🏻🌤 COPS/ACAB (LABELS ARENT EVERYTHING. Identify WHAT yours IS and make it true.) 🌍 🎠🤓🐍😢😢💃🏻

❤️Edgardo20075 - Hard to the body ❤️ 0.00 - 0.06 (my choreo) 0.06 - 0.22 (dance cover)

Add 2 - Jim Crow the musical comes to mind today after . People need to listen to this album!!

Alright. I’ve given myself plenty of time to digest this album. What’s you guys’ favorite track? Mine is 19.10 🎶

So I'm doing this ep of my podcast on the history of Philly & I'm watching these old school vids of Philly hip hop artists & Jeff and Will are at the Rooftop & Nay comes down & says "that looks like Will Smith...wait Will Smith was a rapper?!?!" I SUCK as a dad smdh.

Frank Grimes x TheRealskitso "TheExperiment PT. 2 EP" Out Now Linkinbio 🧪🔬

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