Sunday Morning NHK TV gender balance check and am pleased to say it’s getting better. Two panelists out of the five are women. Good work.   🇯🇵

🚨 UPDATE – 🇯🇵 People in , today, protest in solidarity with George Flyod who was murdered in Minneapolis.

Not sure why, but people out on the streets of Tokyo protesting against police brutality.

This is Dantan ramen. Born in China, raised in Japan! Wanna know more? Check our channel for more detail🍜 YouTube👇👇👇

Playing Gameboy and Tamogochi in the streets of Shibuya is the ULTIMATE way to play. Iv already been challenged to 3 Pokemon battles!!

Gifu City has a strong connection to samurai warlord, Oda Nobunaga and you can even see him on the buses.

chasing a butterfly deep into the spring woods I am lost Sugita Hisajo | Ikenaga Yasunari

M5.2 earthquake/ 4 on Japanese shindo scale / Gifu pref/ 19:05 p.m. May 29th / No tsunami warning issued

The Gifu Nobunaga Festival in Gifu City honours the great samurai warlord, Oda Nobunaga, who used Gifu Castle as his base in his mission to unify Japan during the Warring States (Sengoku Period) of Japanese history.

We all have those places of escape, spaces we can disappear to for a short time to unwind: buildings that inspire, gardens that offer rest, images that calm our mind. Here is mine. The small, rather tired little temple of Renge-ji (蓮華寺).

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