112mph in 50 zone on . No insurance. A provisional licence holder; revoked until test passed. Had to walk home, though better that than loved ones having a visit by 👮‍♂️ delivering news of a fatal crash. Please drive lawfully, stay safe & keep a clean licence.

We are working hard to generate as much work for our drivers as possible during this time and so are pleased to announce some new partnerships with a few GP practices across London - offering professional and reliable service to their staff and patients. ✅💪🏽

Social Distancing is starting to show. Trafalgar Square completely empty!

Morning Jupiter, Saturn and Mars (top to bottom) hanging out over London this morning.

A boy amid ruins of bookshop after air raid 1940, reading of London c oldpicsarchive

I give you this evening’s sunset over London. Grateful for the balcony and the view.

This is my borough. I’m sure this is happening worldwide while we’re on lockdown. 5g towers being installed by “Essential Workers”?

Please support vital charities like that aren’t forgetting the homeless during homeless people are forgotten by most, in the freezing cold, the driving rain, the scorching sun, hungry and alone. Help them and their pets.

what a terrible 'human being' and what a 4* shithole is now. 's legacy.

Primrose Hill. The rich have left and are now infecting the countryside. .

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