Saw the whale in ✅ Had a good shot in theory ✅ Had a good camera to take a decent picture ❎

The were on my mind when I set off on a long early morning walk this morning. Looks like they’re on a lot of other people’s minds here, too.

Uber Jump e-bikes. Car2Go. Lime e-scooters. What remains? Fixed-route transit: buses, subway. Homegrown solutions: Bixi, Communauto. Bike lanes. At best, imported micromobility was a distraction. At worst, it prevented us from improving tried-and-true transport.

With a ~3pm temp of 35.8°C, today is 's hottest May day since records began in 1872.

in all its spring glory 🌷 📷 kristelbautista13, assimphoto, bertexertier + duccnguyen

Are you missing Montreal's food? You can now order world's famous smoked meat from Schwartz's!

When the sun makes beautiful paintings on 's sky 🌆 📷 jflarocque, mathieu_charrois_photography, fanuka + guillaume_hgs

Yesterday I hungout with my besties that I haven't seen since quarantine started. Photo shoots are a great social distancing activity. 😜💜

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