Amazing views of the city. We are looking forward to going for a walk

New Yorkers, especially, knew about Trump. Anyone else, if interested, could have researched. There’s enough in this image alone to give you chills. Trump was enabled, in part, by MSM which fell for his shtick.

Spray the virus away! streets get thorough sweep

🚊 On 6 April 1899 launched its first regular electric tram route. At first the tramcar could only go as fast as 6-7 km/h. Nowadays the Russian capital has 45 lines, and the newest model Vityaz-M travels at 75 km/h carrying up to 265 passengers 🚋

With those 3 images I am ranking among TOP100 of 's largest photo contest, having reached semi-finals of festival in

1963 - Comandante Fidel Castro receives a warm welcome by the Soviet people during his visit in the .

ZELC Hunan Zhuzhou logistics's freight train left from Erenhot, Inner Mongolia for it's first journey in 2020. After a travel distance of 10,219km the freight train will arrive in , Russia.

Okay, seriously people, it is time to socially distance yourselves from your phones! This woman FELL onto subway tracks in !

Reporter : What do you wanna say about FIFA? Me : FIFA should give wild card entry to Pakistan Football Team.

Video tours of pavilions and online lectures: visit VDNKh while staying at home

«Stay safe and keep your loved ones safe — stay home» When there’s nothing else to say

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