Few pictures from at LIFE Theological Seminary over the weekend. Thanks to the Almighty God for His sufficient Grace. Thanks to family and friends for their support in all forms. It was beautiful at last... I keep moving , forgetting the pasts.

Blessed and thankful for another day of life 🙏 Plus today is kinda special too. Day!

Coming to Home :) for Upcoming — traveling to New Delhi, India from Bangalore

Sit down, relax and enjoy your moment because tomorrow is my big day! now at Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam

... Thank God tws a success. Really appreciate err1 that came, DPs, PMs, Posts and all 4ms of...

One of the most remembering moment for me in 2013 was this!!!!

To all who made ma convocation a memorable 1, I say a BIG THANK YOU! God Bless u all. Baba God Noni

Papa said: "wah, 7am need to gather at hall, so 5am hv2 depart frm home? Ur Uni crazy one arh?" ... erhh.. think so. -

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