AW20: "I was 7 the day I cut a skirt for my mum out of a linen curtain. Here is the collection: L’année 97." 

Here our PENDA’s Journeys issue with model and influencer Aldo Huysmans: (@aldohuysmans)⁠:⁠ Stay tuned: full stories on our link in bio ⁠ ⁠ Read the full story on our website:⁠ ⁠ ⁠ PENDASummer20

Our next guest is: ⁠ model and influencer @aldohuysmans⁠ Stay tuned ⁠Stay tuned: full stories on our link in bio PENDASummer20

wait so will we see her outfits for her for this year???

Yumi Katsura (Spring 2003 Couture) (Featuring Kimanee Wilson)()

Mother Nature personified 🌺 Model Tess McMillan on the runway for 's final show during Spring/Summer Haute Couture. Photo by , January 2020.

Kitchentable Parka, Cerise Collar-Bone Knitted Polo + Cerise Crepe Pleated Skirt from AW20'S Anthro 1 Collection

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