with ・・・ Paris, France Thousands defied a police ban and converged on the main Paris courthouse to show solidarity with U.S. demonstrators protesting the death of George Floyd.

It took the French approximately 100 hours to make me walk this one back lol Solidarité, mes amis. Give em hell

Riot Police use tear gas to try to repel rioters in ....

I felt a bit like Marco Polo flying back home with special flight. Au revoir . Boker Tov .

Just 3 days late... 20th, in the middle of the day. The same methods, the ones that killed and .

So, we have the same EXACT scenario happening in . Two different sets of people. How is this even possible? Oh, yeah, I forgot, IT'S THEIR RACISM PROMOTING AGENDA. The one on the right happened in on May 28, 2020. They are baiting us. We're being played!

Swarms of immigrants took to streets in yesterday with the Black vest movement demanding a Permanent Resident Rights or Citizenship of France. These mostly include illegal migrants from Africa who entered Europe illegally.

Illegal migrants protest to ask for their regularisation in (France) today.

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