Thanks, I think I'll pass on don't need all that extra grease during anyway...

Comfort food 101 - sambar, cabbage poriyal and fish fry. Can eat this meal everyday.

2020 no party, no gathering , no fun Do you know where I'm going I was just driving around at night I just need some new breathe what a life ~. 馃榾

Roses are red, oceans are blue, this is me in isolation, how about you?

Wk 11 Quarantine: *?鈥 *Came in contact w/confirmed case of Cv (wore mask)...waiting *No clue what Phase 2 really means *Started guilting (he thinks he dislikes it??) my child into hitting tennis balls w/me bec I need the exercise.

Park up or staying down? Comment with your best pose 馃槈 P/s: A pair of worn-out to be win. RT!

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