At PMQs every opposition MP should just boo every time Johnson attempts to open his mouth. What's the speaker gonna do? Throw everyone out? Stand up, turn your backs, and boo loudly.

I know many parents with SEND kids, autistic kids, disabled kids who have toughed it out through lockdown, illness, poverty, through 10 years of brutal cuts to services they desparately needed. Don't use your innocent child as a human shield, you moral vacuum

This is really important! Don鈥檛 take out your anger at this government by ignoring the message, take it out by promising yourself YOU WILL NEVER VOTE FOT THEM AGAIN!!! Do this to honour all those who have died so we can make this choice. 馃が

Last week my daughter (adult care social worker) was the only mourner at the funeral of an elderly woman whose son could not make it. Dominic Cummings' actions make a mockery of the sacrifice made by her son & the actions of my daughter. I am so incredibly angry.

The UK Public have lost all trust in the Gov. We have been lied to by the PM & he has truly undermined Public Health advise. This is honestly the most truthful tweet that has came from No.10, this person acted responsibly & with integrity.

If it's OK for Cummings to travel where and when he wants then presumably: Every Single Person Fined or charged by the police over the last 9 weeks will have the fine refunded and the charge expunged? Or is it

This has made my day. Whoever did this deserves a knighthood. What a sham this government has turned in to. Goodbye Boris, you鈥檙e done in my books.

How bloody dare you tweet this after the performance you just gave, live on nationalTV, sticking 2 fingers up at every man, woman & child in this country who isn't a member of your exclusive Bullingdon bully-boy elitist club? You'd better

LOCKDOWN: Boris Johnson鈥檚 bumbling chickenfuck of a was so bad he鈥檚 managed to lose the support of Daily Mail readers. Imagine being so inept you lose the Daily Mail; they鈥檙e the trained seals of Conservative voters. Just how shit do you have to be?

Not seeing family. Any of them. Living in a hotel for MONTHS. Shielding our 5 year old. THIS is what all those years at Med school didn鈥檛 prep me for. BUT THIS is what acting responsibly, legally and with integrity looks like. THIS is good parenting instinct.

Theresa May on her way to mix a G&T to celebrate the fact she鈥檚 no longer the worst Prime Minister

Peston鈥檚 audible sigh was everyone in the UK just now. I don鈥檛 trust a word of Boris. Millions of people have made sacrifices over this lockdown and he has insulted us all.

Boris Johnson says of Cummings, "I really think most people will understand what he was doing." Our PM is a disgraceful, spineless, waste of space.

It鈥檚 astonishing. PM came right out and doubled down. He trashed his own reputation to defend country鈥檚 leading crook How can it be that nobody told him how utterly weak and dependent this makes him look He proved himself psychologically unable to

Led by Donkeys now parked outside of Dominic Cummings *Primary Residence* Reminding Cummings and his *Wife* that we were *never* in this together.

I have residents who have never contacted me before, or ever been involved in politics, writing in to ask me to campaign publicly for to . People are livid & not motivated by party politics. We need accountability.

Imagined conversation in Number 10. Johnson: This looks quite bad, Dom. Cummings. I'm not fucking resigning. Just get Gove or Schapps on it. The electorate are morons. They"ll swallow anything.

Quick recap: Cummings travelled to Durham "out of fear for his children" and not to celebrate his Mum's birthday. Cummings was not spotted in Barnard Castle (checks notes) on his wife's birthday. And the Durham police are liars.

Hmm ... 馃 Can someone explain to me how it's possible for a parent infected with to "protect his child from the corona virus" by driving 260 miles with it in the confined environment and shared air of a car ...?

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