You know it’s a quiet beach day when the only other “boat” at the beach is a plane!! Thank goodness winter is over! Bring on some warm weather. Enjoy the weekend!!

Real quick, slapped together, unedited timelapse from the early morning of May 30th 2020 South of

At Extendicare Special Care in less than 25% of the rooms are private

Let’s be real - none of your are reading a 251 page report on a Friday. I’m doing it for you. Here’s a thread on my observations 🧵

With COVID-19 still on the minds of many, some are wondering if what might be allergies could in fact be the virus that they have. Details at

Happy 21st Birthday to forward Jordan Mish! Photo courtesy of Kelly Kocur Jacobson.

Stopping into Walmart anytime soon? Be sure to purchase your Miracle Balloon at checkout! Your Miracle Balloon will help kids right here in who spend time in hospital or require specialized care. Remember, small acts of generosity add up to a lot!

Minister of Energy & Resources, Bronwyn Eyre today announced that our province will be home to Canada’s largest helium purification operation which will be constructed by North American Helium near Battle Creek, SK. This is good for jobs, innovation, investment & growth.

Get ready for summer with our awesome bison shirt design! Comes with a map inside the bison in case you get lost!

to replace federally-appointed CFO with one that understands "the challenges [gun owners] face... Our gvt will always stand beside law-abiding firearms owners & a provincially-appointed CFO will assist in that advocacy.” No word about

WATCH: The 7-day weather forecast with on Wednesday, May 27. FULL WEATHER COVERAGE:

We have a variety of crop tops to choose from! Tanks, shirts and bunnyhugs!

I dont know why but Lorne Calvert’s portrait in the legislative building still makes me laugh 😂

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