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Two weeks ago on Monday in southern Ontario it SNOWED (May 11). This Monday, it’s 32 degrees and we’re in the pool.

❦Nature’s art puts to rest all other claims to fame. ~Anne Scottlin

Thick second-year gives a tough time for the journey from the floe southwards. Even though today‘s ice recon flight revealed similar challenges for the next days, I was fascinated by first evidences of Arctic summer: widespread melting !

The continue in May! Temps down to -3°C with another dusting of overnight at . ❄️🥶⛄️

Forecast for up to 20 inches of this coming week in . Winter hasn’t even started and already almost 1.5 metres of has occurred. Strangely this is exact opposite of CSIRO’s crooked expert predictions of “NO SNOW” & “WE’RE DOOMED!”

So as I tweeted a few days ago, I let it snow on my portfolio! (FYI my name is Yuki, which means snow in Japanese😉) I also added parallax scrolling effect with mt. Fuji background🗻🇯🇵 I'm glad to know how to do it 🙌

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