Waxing crescent moon on a record-setting hot day in Gatineau, Quebec.

Wednesday's sunset after glow clouds Graveley Hertfordshire UK

A few days ago near Rolla, KS鈥e chased this storm from almost birth in southeast Colorado near Kim, and finished over 150 miles later north of Garden City. At sunset though, it was a mean, dust-vacuuming beast.

It鈥檚 been a lovely warm day here and we were treated to a great sunset

One more from last night: waxing crescent Moon, Mercury and Venus over our neighbour's farm. I love that orange to blue gradient 馃А馃挋

Tornadoes are extinct so I will live off of this storm for the next month while I wait for true MCV season in the midwest. 5/21/20, Sublette KS.

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