Pro-Assad militias backed by Iran have desecrated the grave of Caliph Umar Ibn Abdulaziz in and removed his remains including his wife Fatimah bint Abdul Malik. Umar Ibn Abdulaziz is widely considered as the 5th Rightly Guided Caliph.

Assad/Iranian/Russian regime mercenary pigs exhumed the tomb of caliph Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz and his wife’s, who were buried in the village of Marat al Dir al Sharqi which they previously burned.

Epic photo: a /n and military officers discussing on-the-ground de-confliction (allegedly taken earlier this year somewhere in N.)

Mr. Fahad Almasri the Next President of a Free Democratic ! A Man who will bring Peace to his country! A Man who will bring Peace to the Middle East! In Peace We will All be Victorious! May Allah Bless him and the Syrian People!!!

Biden would keep U.S. troops in indefinitely in order to have "leverage" on the Assad regime, according to his top foreign policy adviser.

These UNICEF-supported volunteers are hard at work raising awareness on throughout . Getting the facts to families - including here at one of the 90 collective shelters for IDPs in the northeast - is one of many ways humanitarians are helping fight the pandemic.

Hamza al-Khateeb - 13-yr-old Syrian boy tortured to death in May 2011 by Assad's forces. Hamza was arrested during a protest & his body was returned to his family horribly mutilated. On Hamza's chest was a deep, dark burn mark. His neck was broken & his genitals severed.

One watermelon today is equivalent to my salary when regime fired me from my job because I demonstrated against them in 2011.

This is monstrous. Beyond inhuman. US occupation forces drop incendiary weapons on agricultural lands in , deliberately setting fire to wheat crops that Syrian farmers had spent months cultivating. This is a war crime. Where is the global outrage?

Your grandpa is usually a tough old man. As a farmer he lived through a lot of droughts. But at the sight of his fine crops ready for harvest suddenly set on fire by a bomb, he breaks down into tears.

The N.East is 's Bread Basket. Not only is it the location of the wheat fields, but also where the majority of oil is. The US was strategic in occupying this area, it has nothing to do with Kurds who mostly live in Afrin. The US set fire to the wheat during harvest time.

The US is setting fire to wheat crops in north east by fire bombing them. They are doing what the Kurds did last year as part of an ethnic cleansing program against non-kurds as well as trying to starve the Syrian people into submission.

This thread will expose the real face of 's crimes in .

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