How can u stil be d most unhappy old girl alive after winning a Fraud show?... Its really true wat dey say.. "Money can't buy happiness or true love" ... Sad ladies to watch...Tueh.

TBVH... I'm scared for Tacha now馃槳 I know she didn't react at the reunion. But Multichoice and DSTV are gonna edit that Reunion To make her look like the villian. Multichoice has this obsession of trying to break Tacha and..... A Thread

Sense is like money, you either have it or you don't. If vontula at her age can be like that then she doesn't have either

We open today in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy spirit 馃檹 Let's start the day with something light 馃馃 Jailer FC I never invited you people 馃檮馃檮馃檮

Venita's biggest mistake was to go to BBN. She was a star b4 BBN & she came out to become a touchlight after BBN. Loser jealous old hag.

I can and have done a lot of things but I can't and will never question Tacha's judgement. babe smart AF she flipped the morafuggin switch on them. The same fire won't burn her twice, never! I'm so proud of you. 馃槩馃槩馃敱

Everybody body had issues with themselves in that house they resolved it But they took Tacha own to heart cause she was Strong and Confindent in herself lol 馃ぃ Keep fooling ya selves she is winning 馃憣

Khafi just sent those AGBAYAS to Unfollow Island!馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅 Chaii... my sweetheart learnt d hard way!... hope she is okay tho, cos I know she is soft鈽猴笍鈽猴笍鈽猴笍鈽猴笍 Love u sweetheart!! 馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄 馃敱馃敱鈽曪笍鈽曪笍

We wrestle not against our mates but against old cargos and muscle pull. God eph us o

Khacha Girls And Your Enemies We Not See Your Back Your Friendship we Grow stronger and stronger.馃 I can't wait for the wedding of you and Gedon let me start preparing my Gele馃拑馃徏馃敱鈾ワ笍

I'm just waiting for multi choice to tweet: "Dear Tacha, we paid you to come and fight but you defaulted, please refund half of the money we paid"

Wait ooo Titans are now dragging Khafinators for bringing Khafi鈥檚 video here they want Khafi to cash out wella from the vlog馃ぃ馃ぃ I swear y鈥檃ll are the craziest FC ever馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

That instablog video of vomita and melzy acting like loose dogs is just sweeting me. Almost all the comments there were calling dem childish 馃槀 my Tacha is winning and building her brand well.

Khafi: I want to shout out my gal Tacha, she's my gal she's never gonna stop being my gal. Am really grateful for ppl like her in my life. Thank you for being my ride or die 馃槶 Khafi is slicing onions 鉂 Tacha is a frnd every1 needs in der lives

Okay so I loved how khafi big up and thanked Tacha for standing for her always. It鈥檚 mutual. Matured response to those Dimwits.

Khafi actually sat down made a youtube video and gave shoutout to tacha without being shady at all. Stan khafi for clear skin y'allll

I have disrespected myself my engaging a mumunary with 58 followers. Gosh. I need to sanitize my TL 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶

Tacha is the real liquid mental. She is one against a million old women. How they are getting old and wrinkled on her matter. Thank God she is not the type that can be bullied馃檶馃徏

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