Salut Antoine ! J’espère que tu vas bien Je voulais savoir si tu pourrais faire une vidéo à ma meilleure amie Serena qui est une grande fan à toi où tu lui dis un petit mot ça serait sympas Merci

Total di sepanjang karir, mereka berdua sama-sama nyetak 458 gol - - Kalau harus masang satu striker utama, siapa yang kalian pilih? -

Je ne sais pas si un jour j'aurai un "j'aime" de mais le jour où j'en aurai un je serai la plus heureuse 😍😍😍

Grizi said that he will finish his career in Davaid Beckham’s club.

In the tchat: « Are you going to watch the matches of Marseille at the Velodrome ? » Grizi: « I wanted to go when they played against Saint-Étienne but I couldn't cause Ihad a training lesson the next day in the morning. »

My heart... I had goosebumps during all the video. My admiration for him is so big. Je t’aime Grizou ❤️

Happy birthday Anto, you are a player and a person that I admire very much, you will always be a great inspiration for me, continue to live happily and with love. 🥳❤

You're giant, Chief! I will always be proud of you, you keep inspiring me every day, you will always be my idol. ♥️💪

YES YES YESSS 1-0 and we’re not 10 mins in!

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