These Liberals seem to forget that every time they block an investigation it just proves they have much to hide. doesn’t want this investigated bc it will show that Canada is now a Chinese Province.

If had answered that question right away / Con supporters would claim that it was a written canned response that someone else wrote for him. Taking time to think before speaking is a quality I like in a leader.

The silence for is ‘meaningful’ While in reality was not prepared for that question & did not have a memeorized reply for it. We can see how he strains to put a thought together in his brain, bt is unable to,so he resorts to his usual‘talking points’

His response to HIS is:”’ WE’ must do better’ I’m older than ,& I have always known that BlackFace is racist. Personally, I have NEVER thought of dressing up in Blackface NOR do I KNow anyone who has! HIS ‘Over the Top’ comments come from HIS GUILT!

Always listen for "the pause." It is the sound of a speaker being politely but firmly dragged off script, and it is often where the magic happens.

Did just have a brain freeeze, or what? He waited a long time before answering a question and then started to speak veeeery slowly after that with his usual word salad. Besides the hiccups at the beginning, did he also have a seizure?

Justin does not care... Ever notice how the economy is always wrecked? It's Trudeau with 3rd world immigrants and no Western Europe folk who build companies... he could care less, at all... he's out for his "inner brain wreck the country" crap 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

Racism has always been prominent in Canada... We see it in our Black, Asian and Indigenous communities to name a few. Being racist around our friends is a precursor to the “unconscious bias” and we’ve all done it. Also that time wore blackface...

Then you need to call out your Boss . He is the epicentre of divisiveness in Canada. The members are just puppets of the

is our strength NOT has divided and conquered Will the final death blow be cast by the elite under ? need to wake the hell up

is as bad as any of them. An enabler of terrorism.

it is almost 9pm in Moscow, and all the anti threads have disappeared until tomorrow

“White Liberals Are The Most Dangerous People”. Malcom X

I stand with is trending in Canada and the villisge idiots are crawling out of the rocks they have been buried in chiming in saying he is the best leader ever... WTF is wrong with these fools?They think is giving them money. NO it’s taxpayers money

Other than crass politics, why is weighing in on this evades me, particularly one who perennially went about in blackface. To me, the Minneapolis incident was a multicultural beat down by cops and speaks more to 's expertise - authoritarianism.

Yup this is 💯% on and his 'Canada is racist' daily reminder. The last thing needs is rioting while our already fragile and broken economy struggles to get back on its feet.

Jeezuz, "Trudeau Blackface" is troll-trending? Says that is doing a good job when the 'opponents' have nothing in their arsenal but a dead horse that has decomposed until the skeleton is powder. Give it a rest already, you know you're bigots at heart anyway.

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