"If soap smells so good but tastes horrible, how do we know poop doesn't taste like candy?"

Dingbat had to take big sis to the vet’s, because she has been dropping chocolate pudding bombs in the litter box since yesterday. I hope big sis is gonna be okay. Butt for now, I think I’ll enjoy a nice nap.

The U.S. Military is barred from using tear gas in battle. But apparently Republicans are just fine with the President using tear gas to force peaceful, innocent people from outside a Church on a Monday evening, and then call it "domination."

"Got a mind full of questions and a teacher in my soul." ~ Eddie Vedder - Guaranteed

When you watch your humans struggle to unfold a lawn chair + start to wonder what kind of life they can offer you..

People around you are going through a lot .....Extend your hand & heart to someone today ❤❤

The sun looks down from quiet skies To where a quiet water lies, And there I saw a white swan make Another white swan in the lake; And breast to breast, both motionless, They waited for the wind's caress... ~A.A.Milne

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