I knew the song referred to epilepsy but I never knew it was so specifically about someone else with it. This is the song that first got me into Joy Division. Thanks for sharing 💖

Epping Walk Bridge 2010. - not demolished. Not shot from the wrong side. Original photo (and this) taken looking west. Bridge has since been refurbished. Lampposts changed sides and handrail fitted.

Tomorrow it’s 12 years I did a presentation in English class in school about Joy Division. We were asked to talk about a topic we’re passionate about, my choice was easy. My handout for my classmates is below, saved it all these years.

is trending, which makes me unbelievably happy. A fantastic Joy Division record, often overlooked from my perspective, and IMO one of the single greatest records of all time.

It's a short album isn't it. I'll have to save the rest of the photos for if/when we do Closer. This is the set list from Bowdon Vale - from 's collection

"We were strangers. We were strangers, for way too long, for way too long, We were strangers, for way too long." Pretty much sums up the surviving members of Joy Division. Make up please, lads.

Joy Division's first TV appearance on Granada Reports in 1978 playing Shadowplay.

A friend - Jonathan Silver - had a shop in town called Art and Furniture. We went back there and took some photos in there - and to get warm. This is one of my favourite photos from this part of the session

I think I did quite well seeing as it was freezing cold, I was running out of film, they were constantly dicking around as well as moaning about the cold etc I thought these were stronger than the bridge pic at the time

Ian Curtis's autograph from 30 October 1979. Me and a schoolmate showed him & Barney around Oxford to help them get a guitar strap fixed ahead of their gig supporting Buzzcocks that night

Then we went to Hulme. The idea was to have them looking south over the bridge - aspirational - looking to London for fame & fortune etc. But when I got them in position & was walking down to roadside it just looked perfect

I got them to walk around a bit - I didn't really want a traditional rock pic. I wanted it to be really urban and bleak - this is a favourite from this part of the session ...

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