: Fede s'est engagée en faveur de l'agence de représentation Wasserman, un des leaders du football européen qui gère déjà les intérêts de Van Dijk, Kanté, ou encore Henderson.

Winning is all we do best , yesterday games went as planned . Fixed matches is real Today’s correct scores are still available.,don’t say I didn’t say it on time Call/whatsapp08160920683 now to participate in today's game

Dumb. Keep *he didn't fail because of anything he did! He was never given the opportunity to flourish under and his ineptitude! at

Well, he wasn't a failure because of anything he did, in my opinion, but I'd say *no thanks to . I also had high hopes for & & we all know wishes made it:

Fede pourrait porter le maillot de Galatasaray. Transfert estimé à 40m€. (via Okapi)

Commissioned ✏✏✏Pencil work done... Charcoal pencil on pelican "12×16"... Please support me with your likes and retweets 🙏🙏🙏. It could go a long way....thanks 🙏

Your life savings is 400k, you rush to buy iphone11 pro Max. Who are you trying to impress? 😏

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