Since everyone is home, you may find yourself consuming more . You can track your water efficiency 's water calculator & learn simple conservation tips that save water and energy!

DUKE 🐕‍🦺💦 loves Water, he is obsessed with the hose ⛲, he likes the hoomans big pool too, but will enjoy his own pool just the same

I tell you what I’ve taken for granted a lot all my life: water. It’s fuckin mad, water isn’t it?? Water!

Really defined surface patterns in the waters of Nordfjorden, . From a visit in 2018.

Just gave my first zoom lecture on ", , and security" to Prof. Bill Dietrich's UCBerkeley water class. Seemed to work well, and great questions from the students. I may never show up in person anywhere again.

Meditating on lakes today. Share one of your faves? Dream Lake, Rocky Mountain NP

Drink water as soon as you wake up. After a whole night asleep when cleansing and healing occurs, your cells are mildly dehydrated and cellular function slows down. Drinking at least 500mls of first thing in the morning will help keep you healthy and energised.

Japanese ‘Washi’ paper with Seigaiha (wave) design. Japan Heian period (794-1185)

Keeping in mind the current situations, it is critical to frequently wash your hands with soap. However, do not forget to turn off the tap when not in use. Effective usage of is important.

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