When the Past and the Present intertwine, everything that you used to know may not be the same anymore. Add our new upcoming game at your steam wishlist:

We are designed with a brain and a spirit; it is our nature to envision the of our . And while dreaming comes easy to us, we must never forget that it takes , , and to bring that dream to life. Steve Maraboli

A chief element to your success is getting individuals to take action based strictly on the force of your writing. read for free

Good morning! Building self-discipline is about limiting your excuses. Getting up off your backside and going after your goals with an obsession to succeed. Excuses are the DNA of underachievers. Good thing we don’t make excuses...we make shit happen! Let’s Grind🔥 🎬

BOOK OF THE DAY -- April 8th Free on KU/$2.99: East Wind by Has received a perfect 4/4 by the Review Team!! First book in a series, but is a complete story on its own.

Explore a fictional ghost town in Japan and unlock all its secrets with the Amakura siblings in “Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly”

We have to have the courage to rise above our circumstances. Action cures fear.

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pushes us to catch up on some readings. I compiled this folder with must-read books and articles themed around and . For anyone who wants to start their journey with or immerse in it again.

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