In memoriam..My father Paul Henreid, March 29, 1992. Two stars on the Walk of Fame..the Austrian Cross of Honor for Sciences and Arts First Class..an amazing life that should be remembered and honored..with love I accept this as my responsibility.

Just dreaming of summer while I appreciate my surroundings. We are all in this together and sending my virtual love to everyone at this time

Just finished a shift in intensive care and now I should be doing a self tape for acting but I have zero strength. 😞😷Why can’t self tape work on telepathy? I could think of it .. then boom 🎬😵WeTransfer: your file has been downloaded😏 ?

I love auditions! Today’s talking about how it’s all about working hard and auditioning

An we could use the humor of right now, and that we all miss is the lovable JOHN CANDY (1950-1994) Candy died of a heart attack while filming Wagons East in Mexico at age 43. My favorite of his was Planes Trains And Automobiles.

If I can get 100 views or Retweets of my IMDB page below I will share whatever you guys are working on, fundraising, or whatever (within reason, NO POLITICS or RELIGION). 👇👇👇

I will be forever grateful to everyone I have worked with. The arts are vital, I reckon that is more obvious now than ever.

I’ve kept it under my hat for a couple of days now but... I can finally announce that I have been cast as ‘shop assistant’ at my local One Stop! But in all seriousness I’m happy to be helping in anyway I can during these unpredictable times!

Are you an with a home audio recording set up? I’m compiling a list of who can record from home which I will then share with to pass on to radio production companies. Thanks everyone, and please RT

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