The talented and I will be creating and sharing videos to support the community We are excited to launch channel on 👍Subscribe & 💪Support 🔗🔗

🎞💡Want to add trick shots to your projects? With a little creative editing you can!🏀😎 Full vid: 🔗 🔗 Like/Comment if you want to learn how to do this with only an iPad!🤯

Here is a Clips of how to use ‘Voice Control’ on your iPad or iPhone. Simple and easy to use! How would you use this feature to make your day more productive, easier, better or to help others?

🌈💡I’ve been experimenting with creating my own themed icons for presentations and thought it’d be neat to do a themed set. Feel free to download the set and use any way you like. 🌈🌈

Experimenting with combining ’s Animated Scene Animations (the clouds) & the Instant Alpha Layers Photo concept I demoed at with on And, a simple atmospheric soundscape created with

A3: I held a week-long PE Olympics where students got to carry out events at home by using things they could find. Classes competeted against eachother. The feedback was very positive.

I’m putting together a site - mainly for the use of collating resources. I want to include a page with connections to other and to links that I have on here. I’d love to have people involved. Let me know if you want in 👍

Valentine’s day is around the corner and we’re very excited! We loved practicing tens & ones with this heart themed !

Did you ever think inside the box? Try using the Camera App and a clear bin to record students reading leveled books or passages for more frequent running records and personalized feedback.

My . Used to cram 6 months in 1 minute. Probably looked a little silly running around my living room.

A3: Fun Tip! If you take a photo in Portrait Mode > Stage Light you can easily Insta Alpha it in Keynote! No need for a green screen or blank background! Thanks for being my model ! 😍😍😍

I’m thrilled to have received a Learning & Teaching Award for use of at today. I thank my colleagues, my and the broader communities for their support and inspiration.

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