I shouldn’t watch , as it’s about losing a loved one & seeing another precious family member suffering from dementia, but it’s beautifully written & has the utterly amazing ability to make you laugh & then cry seconds later. Thanks - this is my life atm❤️

I can’t believe In only 12 episodes of I have experienced all the emotions. People say it’s only a show but it’s not. Suicide, death,grief, trying to live it’s all very much true. Trust me 9 years after my dad died I’m still trying to live without him 💜

Watched season 1 and 2 of and what a show. I have never cried and laughed so much. It’s absolutely amazing!

as a person who has suffered loss.. presents the brutal reality with humor and addresses the healing process towards surviving and thriving. And as a fan of the series, I loved hearing SEND IN THE CLOWNS. Music and humor leads towards healing.

Just finished , and it's just sublime and perfect, every moment. Bless you for it.

Started watching tonight with my daughter, and as someone that’s experienced quite a lot of grief over the years, I’m loving every second of it. From the beautiful reminiscing to the moments of sheer fucking angry swearing, it’s spot on - well done 👏🏼

just re-watching series one of Afterlife in readiness for season 2 and noticed Netflix has cut the best scene from outside of the school playground. “I’m not peado and even if I was, You’d be safe you tubby little ginger cunt.” 😳😳

's says its underlying ideas about grief click with viewers during the pandemic because “people have had a few weeks to think about the important things in life. Everyone I know has phoned their parents and grandparents more.”

needs to be seen by everyone! Grief and heartache portrayed exactly how it needs to be, in its truest form. I'm absolutely ruined. 😭 Brandy the German Shepherd is everything! 🐶❤

"A society grows great when old men plant trees the shade of which they know they will never sit in.”

Thanks for all your lovely tweets about still flooding in, and thanks for telling your friends. Word of mouth is better than any ad campaign. Best fans in the world 🙏

I’ve discovered a new found love of having watched I then discovered and I am now watching any other recommendations?

Thanks for making the most watched British Comedy in the world again, and thanks to the millions who just discovered because of it. The beauty of Netflix.

If you not happy in their Doesn’t matter

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