Farm mapping is one of the important moving parts of our process. The first thing we do is ask about the farm history, we ask questions like, how long have you been farming, what are the kind of crops were previously cultivated on the farmland?

I feel sorry for my future wife because I don’t think I’ll be fit to love her as much as I love silage.

Appreciating the beauty of these orange fruits grown by Rwandan Farmers in Rusizi District. Captured them on the way to Bugarama.

plays a critical role in the entire life of a given economy. is the only major cereal crop that is primarily consumed by humans directly as harvested. It can be grown practically anywhere and it provides 20% of the world’s dietary energy supply.

What's the best gift you can give your child on Children's Day? A meal of rice and egg? A meal of rice and chicken? Or A BIG poultry of chickens and eggs? It's your call. You choose.

When you want to produce good quality birds upon their arrival you give them stress pack for 3 days each week. Make sure their place is always dry and warm. LOOK AFTER WHAT YOU GOT IT WILL LOOK AFTER YOU IN RETURN.

“Impact of Covid-19 in Agri-Machinery Business and way forward” entitled ZOOM meeting is being held Today 2 PM with the organization of NSAE in co-ordination with CIMMYT. Interested may ask me to join the meeting.

BREAKING: Ottawa gives $9.2 million for up to 700 new jobs in for youth. Program "will help agricultural and agri-food businesses meet their labour needs...while allowing more young people in Canada to explore (the sector's) limitless potential" says

9/ 🤝What if this coordination on social media for both camps could be used to support each other? What if we work together to build a productive economy, built from & more?

So how is your spirit? what does your spirit guide you to? Whats the speed? I hope all these do not distract you from achieving your goals.

Share your farming story! We spend so many hours with our stock and it's the time many of us cherish the most. Share your favourite farming photo with us and tell us your farming story.

Cotton still grows in Buttonwillow but most of that ground now has Pistachio trees.

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