Hi. It has been a difficult week. I literally have 1 hour a day to breathe. give love to the little stars hola. ha sido una semana dificil. literalmente tengo 1 hora al dia para respirar. denle amor a las estrellitas

Morning guys, really tired😴😴 ~ ~ ~ ~ 》》 》》 Main: 》》 》》 ~ ~ ~ Please dont report just block Follow: for more 》》 》》 Tags: …

At last, I have passed to digital my girl Ashia, being charged by my oc Kurutta. For a long time I've been deciding which colors would characterize Ashia and I'm glad to see my little girl finally alive.

Aisha Clan-Clan was a blast to draw and color, even if I was attempting to color it a little outside of my traditional style. Thanks to those of you who voted for her out of my original Six Fanarts. I hope you all enjoy it!

Wondering how to catch an anime waifu? 🤔 Step 1: Sing the waifu theme song. Step 2: Wait for the Waifus to slide in to your DMs 🤣🙃 Step 3: Enjoy your Waifu for Laifu. 🤍😏

Angewomon is a digimon in the shape of an angel! It has been one of my dreams dreamed of a lot and now it's here After much effort♡. 📷: Este traje lo llevare el domingo en

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