A surprise Yeo since idk if I'm gonna have time to post for his bday :c Speedpaint in thread!

A rogue named Istar for a Patreon commissioner, as part of a larger set of characters. The jacket for this one was a lot of fun to paint!

鉂ou choose what color to paint your sky. And if you can鈥檛 yet quite do it for yourself, brightening someone else鈥檚 is a great way to start. ~Anne Scottlin

Banksy releases new artwork inspired by George Floyd death: 鈥淎t first I thought I should just shut up and listen to black people about this issue. But why would I do that? It鈥檚 not their problem. It鈥檚 mine.鈥

. "We need imagination not to escape but to survive the reality." . . . 馃帹馃枌锔 Dan-ah Kim

Day 6 : Culture Today I decided to draw things I consider apart of my own culture 馃槉 Everyone's culture can be different and I love talking to people and discovering them 馃檪馃グ

HAND OF GOD. The Hand of God is always in reach, waiting for you to give your all

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