() ・・・ She decided to help me with my art design sort of 😆 working on a new color for my logo Follow me and my youtube channel so sic designs

Richmond Barthé (1901-1989) Harlem Renaissance sculptor, best known for his portrayal of black subjects. The focus of his artistic work was portraying the diversity and spirituality of man.

[FIND THE light.] I made this piece today (yes today it is 5 am), I hope you guys really enjoy it. Because I certainly do. I can't wait to show you all more pieces like this! RTs and Likes are greatly appreciated! 🥰💙

▪ BTS' SUGA BREAKS RECORD BTS member Suga's 'D-2' ranks highest on Billboard 200 as a Korean solo artist

The ginger Jerry hall , my paper model of the very wonderful Linda la Hughes 😀 🌈

👑ARTISTS SUPPORT👑 I'm calling upon all artists! Musicians, Painters, Photographers, Drawers, etc! 🤩RT/like/comment this post 😎Comment or reply with your art below Let’s help each other to grow and make some artist friends♥️😝💎🥰 #

. "Unity is the secret of social progress." "Without unity, the country will face disaster." . . Jesús Curiá ( b.1969) . . &

. "Today, whatever is good for your soul, do that"🌿 . - Anon . Anna Bain .

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