‘Прикосновение’ Моя космическая нежная готова. Круг

Still life from a few year ago✨singing cherry blossoms. oil on linen✨#repost #stilllife #newyorkartist

Hello everyone 😀 i hope you are all well? I decided to film my warmup sketch today. The aim is not

Universe. Red Dot. Still working on that project. Two bigger paintings. Star people. #starpeople #humanbeings

✨ Sunday plans. 📚🥃✨

"Manuale per un perfetto Underground." Poesia di Federico Marchioro. #artista #artistatwork #musicartist

Relax, don't do it - mixed media on canvas. 105 x 105 cm A piece for my upcoming exhibition during

Silence..... In the dicko household 🏠 Gaz is wiped out Child is goosed off golf 🏌️‍♂️

361 Repost @artdrunk @tatsuomiyajimastudio ― My eyes blurred from both absentmindedness and the onset

Large new pink thing I can hardly see is taking shape 🙏🏼 . . . #textiles #fiber #textileart #fiber

Media filming with @tomturnermedia yesterday in the sunlit studio capturing the process of a new piece . . . #art

What a questionable and outdated concept "Dream Big" is; I would say plan big - make very short, short

👉I’ve had a lot of great responses to the skull-like piece from yesterday (and offers to buy or

"Roma, estate 1992" Poesia di Federico Marchioro. Versi dedicati al dolce ricordo della prima vacanza

Tastemakers from NY to Chicago, what’s good ? I see ya doing.... non but luv.... : : Blessed is the

Долгожданные лимончики, давно хотела их написать 🍋🍋🍋 . Таинственный

Shouts out to @bkplanet47 & @fab.photo_ for that one day I spotted them and quickly did an impromptu

New Pembrokeshire landscape ready to start cutting tomorrow. . #lino #linoleum #linocut #linocutprint

I am enjoying working on this little wolf painting. This is the underpainting and will be glazing and

Pieces for a large assemblage - I gold leafed a skull Playtime #art #contemporaryart #mixedmediaart

Swipe to compare 2nd coat to 3rd coat of paint. What a huge difference it makes to go over everything

Plenty of time to paint on this rainy, kids-free sunday. Still just painting on it loose (if that’s

Un taller de lujo se vivió en el II Salón de Artes Visuales de La Aurora 👏🏻👏🏻 La ceramista

Oil painting of a little girl. 40x30 - oil on linen - 2018 #art #artistatwork #artcollective #portraitart

Painting of a little girl in oil. 40x30 - oil on linen - 2018 #art #artistatwork #artcollective #portraitart

Detail, painting of a little girl in oil. 40x30 - oil on linen - 2018 #art #artistatwork #artcollective

Bamboo dip pen + ink workshop // Can't wait for the Secret Summer Party! I've got you a sketchbook,

Latest painting I'm working on. Inspired by psalm 23 and my ethnic background. Not finished yet - taking

Reeking of blue and gold....💙💛

Fa poc que ha aparegut el 2n peix volador a casa nostra...gràcies a la Neus i en David de @venturahosta

A Taste of what's to come...... "Beyond " will be performed on the 25th August 2019 at @artscapetheatre

Artist Phuntsok Dorje restoring Thangka in his studio 2010 #artist #artrestoration #thangka #buddhist

🍃D e ğ i ş i m 🍃 Bazen ihtiyaç duyduğumuz tek şeydir... ———————————————————————— #pelinkocabıyık

I had to move this baby to get a good picture of it. As you can see in the video, my lighting is terrible

कोशिश ये ही रहती है कि हमसे कभी कोई रूठे

The importance and value of perusing and expressing art creativity and perhaps life in general with

I’ve had these 20” x 20” paintings hanging out for years & have never fully decided if I like

Aaand...it’s done! 🥳 This is the final version of this painting, there is only one more thing left

El viaje de Oh Gran! _ Con el país en las manos y con dos maletas azules, una oscura para los miedos

Working with all sorts of inky hues for this painting. I really want to cover up her face and give her

Inside the Studio video - * It's true! There are dinosaurs in #Florida * #golfer #artistlife #abstractartist

New Member Artist 📸 Mark Patiky. Patiky was the only photographer to be allowed into Lee Krasner's

My next project to draw my self I hope I will draw it as good as others drawing. I heard always that

Maurizio Ciccani painter oilpainting 42X60 cm

🌠🥀its🍂α ʝιии тнαт ωє ∂σиσтѕ👣💞 . . . . . . ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #artist