Morbius here to remind you that you can still get a chance at winning a Morbius sketch cover! Check out the post on my profile, be sure to check it before the week is up! 🤘🏽

Final stage of the first piece 'Silent Agony' on the series 'ENTANGLED'. Please like and share 🙏🙏🙏👆🏿 Swipe👉 for closer shots __Marie's charcoal pencil soft on Alabaster paper "18 by 24"__

Hey guys, this is Akanksha. If you like my paintings then like and share it. DM for the paid/professional work😊.Drop a follow & join me through my artistic journey. I upload daily a new painting along with its video.

Actually I want to submit this one but I got some trouble with the photocopy man. The scanned version is not that bad tho, the colour is 10000% accurate.

The Cillating they’re a race of people that found out how to live in a pocket universe they do this so they won’t be threatened by anyone bad and live in peace they do go into a universe sometimes to get new technology.

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