Thank you universe. Up at the cottage absorbing and reflecting on the past week. My 1st Dimitriou Dance

The first wall we did for the company sumologic in noida sector 62. Many more to come👩‍🎨. For

I was inspired by a 1920s party I went to last night to make this #art #artist #artists #artistoninstagram

Even with the brushes I can't keep my hands clean though.😶😛 . Funny and weird the same time, I

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN! 🤩 Let’s make magic. Head to the link in our bio to learn more. #letsmakemagic

>> open awareness >> choiceless awareness >> . . . #vipassana #mindfulness #meditation #theartistsway

ANYBODY ELSE HATE THIS SH*T?!?!!!😂😂😂😂 Check out @iamtheletterm tonight @8PM.. He merked

Come see me at The Brunch!!! . . Credit to @thebrunchofficial : SEE YOU TODAY! ! 10am - 11am: Free

My dream Wes.... I named him forest Wes

How the #social media impacts #art and the society as a whole. The #artists today showcasing their work

Blackberry picking health and safety gone mad... • Photo a day. 18 August 2019, 12.25pm. • #photoaday2019

#Artist #Problems Nothing worse than a small mistake in the pattern which cannot be saved or incorporated. 😭 Next! 😭 I

Happy Sunday!⁠ ⁠ ⁠ https://www.twoartiststravel.com/paris-france⁠ https://www.twoartiststravel.com⁠ @susanstoverart

Taking a #LunchBreak? Stop by Co|So and join us for a quick snack!⁠ .⁠ Pictured: Del-Bourree Bach,

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” ― Victor

🍹🍹Görseldeki orjinal soyut tablodan sipariş vermek için DM den ulaşabilirsiniz.🍹🍹 ▪️

Photos from 8/10’s On Deck ⠀ ⠀ 📷: @3xTheShooter⠀ ⠀ Opey⠀ ⠀ Don't miss the next On Deck

Art is a combination of spirit, hard work, and a beautiful mind. #art #artist #drawing #artistic #painting

Brought back a sketch i did a while back and inked it. Well most of it lol. #art #artist #artistic

I made this one last Friday. Tested myself with graphite pencils. #nude #nudeartwork #art #arts #artworks

sending hugs and prayers to your sweet amazing heart warrior boy🙏 @schneiderheartfam love you little

give your heart to someone who deserves it.....🖤 . . . . . . . . . #art #tagblender #artist #artistic

Une autre façon d’envisager le bain! 😉💦Leda&the swan de Sophie Aguilera à la biennale de la

Kids Corner 👧🏻👦🏻💓 so happy to see Mini Chitrakar’s them ... 💓 . . . . #kids #kidscorner

Some more teachings to the day. The ideology I follow via making my art @liiskoger . The purpose of

Walking on the stars ⭐️

The basic shading is complete! I’ll get into the darker shading after a snack break. lol . . #art

Hey guys!!!! Time for another artist support post!!! Feel free to introduce yourself, promote your work,

One man and his dog. • Photo a day. 17 August 2019, 4.48pm. • #photoaday2019 #photoadaychallenge

Congrats to @breezoworld for being the first artist posted on the upcoming #1 exposure page for the

Now tbh idk what this is. I was drawing a hand, then a drew a head, but the hand covered they eyes of

It’s fairytalefestival time in September. One of my favorite things to paint for. #fairytalefestival

Artsy pic from the art opening last night @laaagallery825 with @vickyatodd1122 and all the talented

Cain found a mask ~ ~• ~• ~• ~• ~• •Tags #art #colorful #color #coloring #artistic #creative

I want to go on a walk. A walk that takes me far away to somewhere I know but I’ve never seen before

This is a scene at Windsor Castle Park, in Smithfield, VA. I have yet to title this one. Any suggestions?

Late Sunday post. It’s been a good weekend. Plenty of variety. Thanks for following and all the support

Awesome Hugh Jackman concert today with Keala Settle as a special guest. The Man. The Music. The Show.

lil drawing i did as part of a gift to my boss (everyone in my program drew each other because of our

"Здесь и сейчас. Атлас творческих студий Москвы" - интерактивный

Mixedmedia on paper, 2018 28,5 x 21cm // 11,2 x 8,3 in DIN A4