. is following 🙌 If you're an you're possibly following Helen yourself She's an inspiration 😇 I've learned so much as she tirelessly shares daily to almost 60k followers who subscribe to her feed (I'm one of 'em btw) Thank you Helen 🙏

Happy birthday executor! ✨ His outfit is pretty hard to draw hshshsh ,but I enjoy it. . .

Deuce Character : Kurobami Mato (original character) do not repost without permission

The Falling Star. I saw a star slide down the sky, Blinding the north as it went by, Too burning and too quick to hold, Too lovely to be bought or sold, Good only to make wishes on And then forever to be gone. by Sara Teasdale

Artwork that I did a week ago , oc belongs to @/chocolatte_milkies on insta

Pen & Watercolour Cat I got approached with a pet commission, which isn't usually my forte, but I thought I'd give it a shot! 🙌 I'm pretty happy with the final result and it was good practice for future too!

Rt's time...who needs one? ... Please RT for others and make bigger your post...🔥

Time to release some artworks for Azzurrina i've made for this May 2020. The triumvirate is looking something, wonder who could be. Take a relax moment in Espresso Spettrale first class and see the spooky Cursed Islands.

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