This is me when I see Food (∿*﹃*)∿ Im on a diet again bcs I gained some weight the last months uupsie and I want to lose ist especially for my new cosplays

Thankfully Morph doesn't have to change the time on this clock...but he'll need to remember to put his more manageable clock back an hour tonight!

[TRANS] "My favorite season, the season I was born in It's now 🍂🍁🍂🍁 but it's romantic. Kyaha.. my favorite season 🍂🍁💕"

Sunny days in are the perfect occasion to go for a stroll or enjoy a good time on the terrace of a Parisian cafe. ☀️☕😍 📸 👉

acorn pine maple breathe in leaf out every bark and call to home autumn makes you feel

THE AUTUMN IS HERE! And this is also the topic for my first Apartment Speed Build🍂🍁 watch the video now and DON'T forget to hit the subscribe button! 🧡➡️

This is the yummy Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread I was talking about. My first bread and it turned out amazing!! __________________🎃_____________________

With this wind in North Devon it is definitely feeling like the season is changing. I cant wait to see and photograph the autumn colours. Can you? What is your favourite autumnal spot?

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