Down loaded Banda Elements VSTi and Metales Vst Latin Brass from last night. Very cool sounds! Will definitely kick my music up by miles!

New dimension added in control activities - Chemical spraying in targeted areas started with a Bell Helicopter taking its first sortie in 65 RD area of Jaisalmer district in

This is the most twisted fake tweet. What she said and her statement are completely the opposite of what you discribed. Your what people call , threator of the Oromo people, Ethiopian and humanity as a whole for spreading false news to create chaos in ethiopia and in Oromia

We’d like to once again thank metalmemesmx for having us their show!! You can find our interview on their page. Make sure you follow them on IG, YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK!! . . .

promo tickets in July - Aceh to (Indonesia) only $22 -

4.8M, soon... 7.7M earthquake chances today... Place unknown Expected places sea, , Mexico in deep ocean , north .. In case Gorda Ridge/Nevada around.. Prophecy volatile after 10 hours.. But needs high alerts till 10 hours at own risk...

If you cannot bridge the , go round it! SMC forums in & have done just that. writes how children continue to access classes during the

Z propaganda mouthpieces need to be reported to z anti-terrorist national & international organizations. Z Diaspora is becoming a part of z problem instead of being part of z solution.

Makes me proud! Que orgullo! 🇲🇽 🇺🇸- this video is the future of the US- high school bands playing “Banda” - pa delante!!! Compton High School plays "Zapateado" Music via

Thank you! You are invited to spending your time in

So, I mentally want to travel somewhere, but it’s likely impossible for this time. I hope this book will transport me to a place, where I can feel the breeze and smell the land. 😚😚

Suffering from hostage mentality, feeling of encirclement & desperation, z has given its marching orders to its & to coordinate & intensify their propaganda blitz. Yesterday's fake news about z filling is z opening salvo.

worrying .. 22 should have seen obscene .. show of bullshit that was driving .. motorcades some times hundreds and police army etal .. for a day trip from to people HAD to stop work and go to the road to CLAP .. if you didnt .. Hanging for treason

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