If Ronaldo inspires youth to do hardwork💪then Messi teaches them not to 🐬🏊dive and play under rules nd not cheat🙏 Shows if you fall in life you should stand up and face the situation not sleep down and act like a puss* Fairplay= Messi 🙏♥️ #

If Ronaldo was a nightmare for as claimed recently, was ___?_____ for Real Madrid. Fill in the blank.

Hang in there beautiful . Most of us - maybe even a bit too many of us- have visited you during the easy times. Our thoughts and prayers are now also with you during these difficult times.

Absolutely surreal feeling doing a media interview in about solidarity and migrant street vendors, community groups, homeless shelters sewing aprons and masks for health workers — 8pm applause erupts for essential workers — this is what solidarity sounds like.

"A Catalan company distributes millions of PCR-tests worldwide, but the Spanish government are not interested" Via [ Chamber of Commerce President]

Sagrada Familia designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí, was started in 1882 and is still under construction. It is Gaudí's masterpiece, and the greatest exponent of Catalan modernist architecture. 📸 HistoriayArqueologia/Instagram

Where would you like to be if it was a 'normal Easter' just now? I Would love to be in Barcelona right now. 💃♥️🌞⚽️ – at Telefèric de Montjuïc

Flashing back to Sagrada Familia in . While the inside was very cool, I think the outside is still the best part. If you're on a budget, skip the entry ticket and just admire the outside!

We are currently launching two city teams in : and . If you want to join and help us, send us a DM! 🇪🇸

is now preparing for his return with resigned to losing him this summer, reports Sport

Podcast: The New Municipalism series part 2 , Barcelona-based scholar-activist, talks with about en Comú, the importance of , the vision of state power, and political setbacks in Spain.

Legendary goal by . Ronaldo couldn’t score a goal like this even if he rehearsed it 10,000 times.

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