From a to all the thank you for changed the date of your campaigne 🙏🏽

Mad right can’t think the last time I wore a pair of jeans gotta be a good 9/10 weeks

Os meninos voltaram pro Black hair. As novas do fandom vão pirar pra saber quem é quem kkkķkk

For a newspaper to print this suggests that the editor has an IQ or around 5. Or in layman’s terms less IQ than a carrot. Has the whole media lost its fecking mind.

not today- Speak Yourself Tour in São Paulo, Brazil

Big Hit when there is going to be a tour in Brazil of BTS, we need this Brazilian Tour, to go through the state capitals.. Boys please come to Brazil to tour

deserves ALL the backlash. You are COMPLICIT - we no longer acquiesce. We’ve woken and you can no longer influence our beliefs. Mockingbird days are over. Tell your friends. Praying you recover and heal from the years of brainwashing.

Most hated people in history: 1. Trump 2. Britney’s team management

'm not a girl, not yet a woman all i need is time A moment that is mine I'm not a girl, not yet a woman

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