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Atariboy: The Last posted Isabelle picture was not cute enough! Engage Cute Alpha Protocol!!! Half-Life Vox (voice): INSERT - ISABELLE - WALLPAPERS- INTERMEDIATELY

Home Workout 1. Dumbbell curl: This is the classic bicep exercise. With proper form, these r killer. Do these as slow as u can, controlling the weight both on the concentric & eccentric portion. Better to do one arm at a tym thn alternate.

🔥Turbo Tuesday – It’s time to isolate muscle groups. Today’s workout is 3 easy to perform exercises to work your biceps. 💪 If you don’t have weights – don’t worry – you can use tins of food (unopened) or fill up two water bottles with water.

Hello World, welcome to my jorney of turning into a Muscle Freak! Feel free to P.M.

Have you trained today? CONSISTENCY is a prerequisite for TRANSFORMATION!

This is my take on Captain Mizuki but in the classic box art style from a 1984 Atari Track & Field game and I just replace all the males on the cover with just her.... She takes all the golds.

I've never tried 21's with dumbbells, so I thought I'd give it a try with my kettlebell. The 3rd set sucked, but it was that bad.

Harvey: Come on Claire show them what you did earlier in the restroom! Claire: Really? It's just some poses I saw a weightlifting magazine. Fee: Huh yeah hey bro there some one here wanted to show off to you. Foo: Whoa

Duckman's Last Mistake. Or maybe it's a mistake in his favor... I don't know you tell me. From left to right Angela, Dr. Fox, Bernice, Mayor Gallagher and Honey Chicken.

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