and with some playing. That’s a good night.

Nak Mula Part Mana Entah. Ermmm 🤔🤔

Arm Blaster💪🏾🔥 Biceps Edition: ___ 1️⃣Hammer Curls w/ Iso Hold 2️⃣Spider Curls 3️⃣Bicep Curls ___ Tryna get the guns ready for ? Comment 💪 below & I got you! ___ 💪 💪

Upon further review- it’s noticeable that my youngest has been gaining inspiration from watching on coverage. 💪🏻🏋🏻‍♂️⚾️

mission accomplished 🤙🤙 From 65Kg to 68.5Kg growth and down to 19.8% from 24% wit constant cut on carbs to get 🤩🤩 Thanks for all th motivation n tips bro😘😘 today 💪💪 👍👍

As a diabetic of 23yrs I’ve decided to try the today. I’ve never been bothered about testing but more information is better. I know it’s my thigh not my arm but I like training the gunshow in a vest

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