-COVID-19 rendered public transportation a liability & health risk -fuel crisis has made private car mobility a hustle & public transport more unreliable We must adapt to other transportation options.Perhaps those friendly to environment & healthier – at Tlokweng

testing in our lab over the last month had revealed, wait for it, that these vehicles are really useful and can replace a lot of car trips. We are loving the investigation of what makes fit for purpose and how design can make a difference.

If society wants to banish racism, bigotry, gender discrimination, a common denominator is needed, something that unites, rather than divides. are one of the best tools. All kids love : grrls and boys - whether black, white, brown, red, yellow. The great unifiers.

In a wonderful move taken by Samruddhi Ladies Club who have donated 10 to our students. UPAY family would like to thank Samruddhi Ladies Club for making the dreams of these children come true!

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