I was proud of myself when I learned one of the calls of the Eastern Towhee, but there is a big difference between hearing one and seeing one. These shy birds of the undergrowth can be hard to find, so I was delighted when this male ventured on to low limbs.

Good Morning, another stunning day again. Here's a Great spotted woodpecker feeding jnr. Have a great weekend Y'all.

I'm always excited to find my first American Goldfinch of the year. I don't see as many as I would like, so I look for them every time I'm near fields of overgrown grass. I found this one where a wooded area bordered such a place and got the woods as a backdrop.

Look at this everyone!! First photo taken last month 30 April - tiny baby eye peeping over the nest edge - second photo taken today 28 May 2020 - big and beautiful baby bald eagle!!! Amazing!!!

A family of Canada Geese swimming across a lake at an Ohio State Park, on memorial day. Moments before, the parents were angrily honking at nearby humans traveling by canoe. 5/25/2020

Looking at with the desire to contemplate their beauty and freedom is essential.

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