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Olha quem já quer engatinhar? 🤔 Com 4 meses! 😯🙃 #bomdia #boasemana #blessed #Helena #pretinhalinda

What's popping everyone ? Is everyone ready to get it today? Its Mondsy, that means you on your MOM™️

Casamos, agora é oficial! Aguardando a cerimônia dia 28/09 🙏❤️🤴🏾👸🏾💍😍💞

I had so much fun this weekend at @texascinderella Kickoff pageant!!! We had a Fiesta dinner, gift exchange,

En vista de lo que hay pahí, como diría mi madre : virgencita, virgencita que me quede como estoy

Vitória na guerra. Show de pancadaria ontem no Duelo de Titãs, trazendo mais essa pra dentro de casa,

Beauty is a mystery. You can neither eat it nor make flannel out of it. 📥Wedding photography. 📥Baby

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.”– Oscar Wilde ❤️ It was a beautiful, bright

The best time in your life are those little moments when you feel you're in the right place at the right

Fact: No one has ever survived a Roman crucifixion. But don’t take our word for it, go read Dr. Martin

Norman & Associates Real Estate welcomes our New Office Manager Bridgette Escudero. We’re excited

MORNING GLORY AT 6:30am!!! Don’t matter the time of DAY we ring BELLS and keep it pushing Jah I’m

Blessed to be able to see another Monday... I love the 𝐟𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐡 𝐬𝐦𝐞𝐥𝐥 of

While sorting out photos in my phone i came across this letter. This was sent to us by Justine’s

My ❤️. Thank you for always making me feel so loved, but especially for everything you did this

👀 Look who’s at the Runway Kiosk! @902_lit_clothing is a local company that focuses on highlighting

We would like to wish @dallasvinson of Dallas Vinson Jewelry Supply the happiest of birthdays!!! We

It's Monday...we're open and ready to celebrate Fall! 🍃🍁🍂 Have a Blessed day everyone 😇 #prekuniversity

Toda vez que eu peco, é como se eu perdesse a vida. E toda vez que meu coração se arrepende, eu renasço.

New visa applications loading! The adventures and life moments that live between the pages of my beloved

Happy First Day Of Fall 🍂🍁🍂 My favourite time of the year because A’ishah was born in the

Paciência não é esperar!!! Paciência é ter uma boa atitude enquanto se espera... 💪 ...... #goodvibes

💞“Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.”💞 ~ Rumi . . . . . . . . . . . #selfie

Our strong personalities used to clash a lot growing up. But as we grew older, we enjoy each others

Porgy and Bess opens tonight kicking off the 2019-2020 season of the @metopera!!! 😀🎶🎼🥂🙋🏾‍♀️

Babies have a way of touching the world with love...with a smile... . . . #alhamdulillah #love #princessmia

Bem vinda Primavera!!!! Estação das flores!!! "Por onde for floresça" #primavera #Estaçaomaislinda

What journey this is going to be #blessed #blessup

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Faith doesn't stop bad things from happening, it just helps you get past them . . . . . #qotd #ltpst

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This is how weather change in mountains.. Within seconds.. #triund #weekendvibes #lovelyevening #lifeofhimachal

AM workout done ✅ Happy Monday Y’all 💪🏼 stay hungry 🙌🏼 #outlawfitcamp #driven #weightlossjourney

Aye my boy @_joeanderson struck a nerve this morning. Gotta EXECUTE today because faith without works

E L E V E N!! They are more than I could have dreamed of in having twins. They are both so caring,

The Amazing Lil’ Suzy performing “Now And Forever” this past weekend in San Antonio. Still so

LUNACEY gear coming soon... had to custom some chucks with my logo.. LUNACEY is all about family and

This guy went all out to make my Birthday AMAZING. Thank you so much Danny for taking the time and

"Frigid." Today I start episode two of Garrett (it's been a crazy two months, I haven't had time for

Norman & Associates Real Estate welcomes our New Office Manager Bridgette Escudero. We’re excited

Amen they do, not in the time you want them too, but none the less, he hears you. Hebhas something better

Peekaboo I see you! Send some good vibes our way today. She has to get her flu shot today and I so

Happy Monday 🤗 Nothing like moments like this when you feel connected with nature. I love how this

Good Morning!!!🙏💕💕💕💕🙏💕 #blessed #encouraged #inspired

I love the collection, I love it even more now LH recognised me wearing it ❤

Love being in business with my Beast! He makes me a better leader, wife, mom, friend, coach & an all-around

O grande segredo é acordar grato por tudo que tenho! E fazer disso, a minha alegria pra cada semana.

Good Morning To Our Boss Babes!! Dont Forget to dip in glitter and sparkle and shine bright! Shop BossLadyShoetique

Blessed and grateful. The Meteora Monastaries are breathtaking and such an amazing experience. I am

Today this sweet boy turns 9!! So blessed to be his momma!! Only God loves him more!! 💙 #holyfarmhouse

This whole Ireland trip came to be because of my mom. She wanted to honor my Irish nana since it was

🗣🗣 it’s Libra ♎️ Season to stunt!! It’s the week before my Birthday 🎁 9.30.19 and we

🗣🗣 it’s Libra ♎️ Season to stunt!! It’s the week before my Birthday 🎁 9.30.19 and we

Keep Calm cause it’s finally my Birthday 🎂🎉🎈😜 💃 🥂 #birthday #birthdaygirl #birthdaycake

Everything that you've ever wanted to experience will flower, in due time..... . My son planted this