Drink a coffee and then move your ass 😛 ... or vice versa ?🤔😂 Happy Monday Twitterland 😎 Stay safe ❤️ All going to be ok 💕 💙 📷

Just as I was about to take this photo the first raindrop landed, choosing the colour blue to show itself. There was also the sound of the train going along the mountain. This was yesterday, around 6, when I was letting myself think about pebbles and the word grace.

My album is a year old today. Thank you all for supporting “Blue.” This album changed my life. 💙 I miss you Mom and KJ. I love you both deeply.

Drop & I'll Give You A Colour! : I Like You ♥ : You Are Awesome 💙 : Nice Dp 😍 : Dp Change Karlo 😪 : Bro / Sis 👊 : You Are My Favorite 💚 : You Are Unique 😎

Another day is gone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Stay safe wherever you are (●'◡'●) Goodnight Twitterland ╰(*°▽°*)╯ 💙 (¬_¬ )

If we can't go outside let's bring the springtime inside... All the best for my friends around the world 🌐 💙

Finally! After a few weeks working on it it’s finally here! My Metal Sonic Low Poly 3D model animated, hope you like it! -Antonio-

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