Have you tried throwing into the freezing air?! Instantly turns to snow in these temps!❄️🥶 – at WTEN-TV

FYI: The experiment will work thru Thursday morning. Make sure winds are at your back so you don't get burned! They're out of the W/NW. Thanks to Derek Fuller for sharing.

Wow, it's cold out there. Just had to try it - pot of boiling water up in the air.

A Zip is an essential addition to any . With instant chilled, sparkling and , all , you'll never look back!

What do you do in when the temperature is near 0°F? Why, throw into the air so it immediately turns into , of course. is fun!

Ever seen boiling water turn to ? stepped it up a notch by demonstrating what happens when a pitcher of is emptied into the air in record-low temperatures and hurricane-force winds:

Warming up in this -30 degree weather with a nice steam shower. Credit: Mathew Barlow

Yooooooooooo but Charity has guts 😰 is she mad coming to Meikies house 😱 😰

I'm just hearing about the challenge where people are pouring scalding water on unsuspecting victims. We can't be that stupid!

If a girl named Olivia wants to date please run and run fast.

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