My interview with 's about my upcoming . tells my story as a teen struggling to survive in the midst of the --and the stray cat who protected my family through it all. ❤️

We apparently not only preserved the original Viennese dialect of German in our loanwords (i.e. "escajg"), but also the original Istanbul dialect of Turkish... 😄👍

, August 8, 1925, was born. He was a who became the first president of the Republic of . He authored several books including "Islam Between East & West" & the "Islamic Declaration." He died in 2003.

It's not enough that is not interested in resolving political mess so they also reward those that committed war crimes against Bosnians. Well done you certainly have become an inspiration to other right wing movements since joining

is precisely why you deny . The only way a human being can defend mass killings and organized eradication of an entire group of people, in this case, ( ) is to dehumanize us:

The “ pattern” described in the 1997 Congressional report was then replicated in .

Please, pay attention to the chapters "War crimes in " and "Ethnic Cleansing in " of the text "War, journalism, and propaganda","An analysis of media coverage of the and conflicts" by , [Expanded Edition, 2000]

Aldin , another dominating in . Was a vital part of helping -Sport promotion this season. 34 Games 22 Goals 5 Assists Him and are musts for the next squad selection by .

The disinformation campaign established muslim extremists and their mercenaries from all over the world as victims. "This created public consent for future aggression. This is why it was necessary to fabricate crimes."

No, this is not , but one of the oldest towns. Can you guess which one is it?

Not in Sweden. Urdu is a tiny language but several words from and are officially now added in our dictionaries.

do you know King of Saudia imported (chartered) a lot of women to comfort His monarchy and American base in Ksa 1993-1995...

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