June 4, 1989 1989 African Americans Cholly Atkins, Henry LeTang, Frankie Manning and Fayard Nicholas won Tony Awards for Best Choreography in the musical “Black and Blue”. Pt.4

ROSALIND RUSSELL born June 4 (1907-1976). Roz won a as Ruth Sherwood in the Tony-winning Best Show WONDERFUL TOWN on in 1953. She earlier played Ruth in the 1942 movie My Sister Eileen.

This is so true. Don’t give up. If you still have this dream, as I do, don’t ever give up.

People that work at should know what kind of person this Mauricio Martinez is. He is well known in Mexico not because he is an actor but because of his racism and misogyny.

The term Off-Broadway isn't geographical. Broadway theaters have 500 seats, off-Broadway have 100-499 seats, off-off-Broadway have less than 100 seats.

on Chicago’s North Side is home of the most peaceful protest I’ve ever been to. An entire march, kneeling and listening and cheering for

Troubling stats from the planned 2019-20 season: 33 out of 37 shows featured two or fewer artists of color on their principal creative teams →

JOAN CAULFIELD born June 1 (1922-1991). Joan as Corliss Archer in the hit Kiss and Tell by F. Hugh Herbert, 1943. Jessie Royce Landis and Robert Keith are the parents of the rambunctious teen character. Also in the cast was Richard Widmark. Hollywood came calling.

There are so many shows/orgs with posts. I hope they mean it. Maybe they’ll stop white washing shows or having 1 or 2 POC in an Ensemble. Or cast a black person as the title role sooner than 26 years into the run. Hire more black directors/writers/etc.

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