Very strange events occur on the moon, how this captured by an amateur from on 03/26/2020. By: Jean-Michel Tenac

I hope that the city of Ottawa, as in the rest of Canada, can continue to progress and grows stronger after this situation of health crisis.

"Double Strike" Lightning over a canola field near Camrose, AB, in June, 2018.

Hey do you support bailout for media organizations?

‘s military wants to ban Huawei from 5G networks It threatens National Security. Canada’s military wants Trudeau to ban Huawei from 5G networks: report via

Also have a look at lab in Winnipeg Manitoba. Arrests of Chinese smuggling out of that lab a year ago. It’s ALL LINKED.

Huge respect and kudos to , who managed to get rolling with lightning speed. We have the best public service in the world.

Jesus!! Anyone notice the price of groceries has gone up exponentially?? Pandemic Gouging plus carbon tax. Totally unaffordable!!

It's been 19 years since my brother left field-work and became an executive, managing over 20 facilities. Yesterday he geared up and joined the medical teams in because they need all the help they can get against . Super proud of you big brother. ❤️

Poutine delivered on a hockey stick to maintain social distancing is the most Canadian thing you will see today.

See, here is where we can use her background in international stuff. Could prove handy. Think about it . Still time to join the party and vote for her. Or you can have the drama teacher. It's a choice.

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